Canton Building Supply Inc.

Product Brands: Ames, Jackson, Mintcraft, Quickie, True Temper

Accessory Brands: Gilmour, Flexon, Swan

-Round Point Shovels -Square Shovels -Snow Shovels
-Coal Shovels -Grain Shovels(Plastic and Aluminium) -Post Hole Diggers
-Roofing Shovels -Pitchforks -Mulch Forks
-Steel Garden Rakes -Plastic Leaf Rakes -Steel Leaf Rakes
-Stiff Bristle Brooms -Shop Smooth Bristle Brooms -Kitchen Corn Brooms
-Picks -Mattock/Pick -Sledge Hammer 6 oz
-Sledge Hammer 8 oz -Post Maul -Garden Hoes
-Tamper Hoes -Driveway Tar Spreaders -8"x8" Tampers
-Woodsplitter Mauls 6 lbs -Woodsplitter Mauls 8 lbs -Axe Single Blade
-Long Digging Bars -Ice scrapers -Pruning Saws
-Hedge Shears -Bow Saw -Loppers
-Post Driver -Weedeater Line -Contractor Wheelbarrows
-Homeowner Wheelbarrows -Sledgehammers 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb -Tamper

-Japanese Beetle Traps and Lure -Fly Magnets -Miracle-Gro
-Grass Seed -Lawn Care -Garden Gloves
-Hoses -Hose Fittings -Sprinklers
-Hose Reels
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